Bully United Kennel Club Registry INC.

The Greatest World Wide DNA registry. Get Legit today!

                                              ABOUT DNA PROFILING


Bully united kennel club Uses The Worlds Largest DNA Facility which is affiliated with the worlds largest and most experienced laboratory for private DNA testing. The BullyUnitedKennelClub's DNA Center DDc is accredited by


Is ISO certified. All laboratory directors all hold doctorate degrees in DNA technology and are licensed for testing.


                                              SERVICES AND BENEFITS


· The same quality and integrity required for accredited human DNA testing.

· Reliable results

· The lowest fees

· The fastest turnaround

· A friendly knowledgeable staff

    Testing is performed in our 68,000 square foot state of the art facility. We have performed over half million DNA test for clients in all 50 states and over 70 countries.


                                                  DNA PROFILING



Most accurate method for securing permanent individual identification


                                                 DNA BANKING


Store DNA for future testing or scientific advancements.



                     INHERITED DISEASE SCREENING                           



Identify carriers and affected  for better breeding strategies.


    Coat Color Prediction



Identify parents' color genotype and predict the color of their offspring.


Who can benefit ?


Breeders !

Veterinarians !

Purchasers !

Bully families ! 

Future customers !

And best of all the bullies. !

Sample Collection


 Collecting samples is quick and painless . There is no need to collect blood to achieve accurate results.

We will provide your local vet with the sample collection kit  that contains 4 Buccal swabs for each bully being tested these are the same swabs used for collecting human DNA samples.



                                 HOW TO BEGIN

Send in your application , we send your vet a DNA test kit once testing is complete, we mail you your certificate of registration.