Bully United Kennel Club Registry INC.

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                                     DNA rewards program
     Example Matt and his wife kaley does not over breed their dogs , so lets say they have 3 litters a yr and their bullies had about 10 pups each litter ,since their bullies were platinum DNA profiled  they received funds in the amount of  $300.00 , just for properly breeding and having their bullies platinum DNA profiled. 
If you have DNA profiling in your 3 generation pedigree you get platinum profiled.
  You will receive funds from the BUK club as well.

  BUK ca fraud threw fake papers, so far the DNA rewards program is working great people have purchased bully kennels or used the extra money for food, dog houses etc, bully me up with DNA rewards , so we can encourage breeders to DNA their yards and stop united kennel club gives back to the bully community.
BUK also would like to thank you all for your hard work ethics to protect our bullies global. thank you. BUk  is also  looking forward take care of those future lil bullies threw DNA profiling
thank you bully community .

                                       DNA Rewards requirements

1. Must be Platinum Ribbon

(in order to get platinum ribbon you must have 3 generations of DNA in one pedigree  to become a certified kennel)



 1st time registered  BUK registered Bullies will be Gold Ribbon

    Any 3 generation's of DNA BUK registered Bullies will be Platinum Ribbon