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                                          Exotic and Micro Bully 

The BUK is unveiling its Exotic/Micro Bully Program.  This program will now allow breeders to openly integrate two highly sought after breeds within the Bully community (French Bulldog/English Bulldog) with the American Bully/Pitbully Terrier.  The merger of these breeds will create The Exotic/Micro Bully.  The BUK is taking the Exotic/Micro Bully from a style to a respectful breed.  The BUK believes The Exotic/Micro Bully  will aid in eliminating the practice of mixing in other breeds and the use of Fake papers  as American Bullies or pitbull terrier.

Frequently Asked Questions


 What is an Exotic/Micro Bully?

This is the BUK permitted cross between

  1. French Bulldog x American Bully/Pitbull terrier.
  2. English Bulldog x American Bully/Pitbull terrier.


How will my Exotic/Micro Bully be registered?

You will receive an BUK  Pedigree that displays the breed as an Exotic/Micro Bully.


How do I register my Exotic/Micro litter?

Both sire and dam must first be BUK registered in order to register your litter.


For additional questions regarding our Exotic/Micro Bully Program, please call us at 209 505 0841

Requirements: If you Decide to Mix and Create your own line with in these Breeds.

English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs must have a copy of a 3 generation pedigree along with a completed application in order to register. (Please refer to registration page for all acceptable registries)